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Birthdate:Nov 12
Location:United States of America


1. a witch-bitch hybrid; a short witch with a large attitude problem.

2. a young woman who bakes excessively despite not really liking sweets.


1. to paint the entire living room orange simply because you are bored; to add stripes so it looks like it was planned out.

2. to come up with ridiculous, long winded excuses on a moment's notice; to bullshit like you have never bullshited before.


1. fucking insane; crazy; swimming in lunacy.

Interests (115):

absurdity, alternate pairings, alternate realities, alternative sexualities, ancient history, androgyny, animation, anime, art, bad!twins, baking, bisexuality, black humor, books, bookstores, boys dressing as girls, brain twisting, bromance, carbs as stress relief, cardcaptor sakura, character development, coffee!, comic books, cooking, cowboy bebop, craft of writing, creative writing, cynism, digital photography, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy archetypes, femmeslash, fiction, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, fma, folk tales, fullmetal alchemist, functional dysfunctional relationships, gardening, gender issues, ghost hunting, ghosts, girls dressing as boys, historical fiction, hot male ballet dancers, i think i saw this in a badfic, interracial relationships, kingdom hearts, legends, libraries, lingerie, literature, lore, loving things one shouldn't, magick, manga, mischief and mayhem, mythology, original character femmeslash, original character slash, original writing, pansexuality, parallels, photography, playing dress-up, polyamory, priestesses, rambling, reading, sacred prostitutes, sauntering vaguely downwards, sci-fi, science fiction, seamed stockings, secret hideouts, secret identities, sensuality, sexuality, shamanism, skulls, slash, spirituality, steampunk, stereotypes, stories, storytelling, surreality, synaesthesia, tasty vegetarian food, tattoos, the ot3, the question "why", the sea, theatre, thrifting, twisting archetypes, urban fantasy, victorian, video games, villain archetypes, vintage lingerie, vintage typewriters, voodoo, what if?, witchcraft, worldbuilding, writing, xxxholic, yaoi, yuri, 鋼の錬金術師
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